About me

Hi, welcome to my site. My name is Adai and I am currently a Senior Leadership Fellow in Bioinformatics with Jenner Institute, University of Oxford. You can find my full CV and publication list on this blog site. I also have a Google Scholar page if you are interested.

I am a statistical programmer working on many aspects of high dimensional data (i.e. number of parameters >> number of subjects) from biology, bioinformatics, epidemiology and to a more limited experience with clinical trials and finance. My software of choice is R (a free and powerful open source software) and unix tools although I am pretty quick learner of new programming languages.

Besides my day job, I do offer some freelance consulting as well. Please get in touch with if interested. Here are some of my generic statistical skills:

  • Data cleaning, management and exploratory data analysis of very large datasets
  • R programming
  • linear reression (e.g. correlations, GLMs, ANOVA)
  • Hypothesis testing (e.g. t-test, proportion test, Chi-square, p-value, confidence intervals, etc)
  • Meta-analyses techniques (e.g. inverse-variance techniques, test of heterogeneity)
  • Machine learning techniques (e.g. support vectors machines, linear discriminant analysis, etc)
  • Visualizations (e.g. boxplots, heatmaps, hierarchical clustering)

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