Interactively generate and embed a picture in PhP

I have been building a website with one of my MSc students. One of the things we want to do is to take a value from the user, process some information based on it and visually display the output.

The solution is simple but took us a couple of days to figure out. So here a simple illustrative example for anyone else facing similar problems. You will need two scripts – the first to take the user input and call the second script which plots it. The important thing about the second script is that it must return a plot and nothing else (no text etc).

Here is an example of the first script (the calling script). This script calls the second script using the query strings option.



if( empty($_POST['val']) ){                // first time user
  $message = "Welcome first timer. Please enter a value to add to the plot:";

} else {

  echo "You entered a value of ". $val. " and here is your requested plot<br><br>";
  echo '<img src="make_plot.php?passingValue=' . $val . ' " width=800 />';
  echo "<br>Hope you enjoyed it. Bye!<br><hr><br>";

  $message = "Enter another value to re-plot:";

<form method="post" action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ?>">
   <?php echo $message; ?> <br>
   <input type="text" name="val"><br>


And here is an example of the second script (the called script) which is named make_plot.php. This script uses the GET method since it’s called using query strings.

define("PCHART_PATH", "/home/web/pChart/"); include(PCHART_PATH."class/pDraw.class.php"); include(PCHART_PATH."class/pImage.class.php"); include(PCHART_PATH."class/pData.class.php"); $receivedValue=$_GET["passingValue"]; $myData = new pData(); $myData--->addPoints( array(1,5,3,7,5,9,7,10,$receivedValue) );

$myPicture = new pImage(700,230,$myData);
$myPicture->setFontProperties(array("FontName" => PCHART_PATH . "/fonts/GeosansLight.ttf", "FontSize" => 11));


Here, we are using the pChart package for drawing. In real life this script is more complicated with computing done based on the $receivedValue parameter.

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